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D.D.Step Girl Translation missing: en.led light Winter shoes (W078-320A)

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Before ordering, please make sure you choose the right size.

• There are LEDs on the side of the product that light up when you step (The lighting can be turned on/off by pressing the button on the velcro or on the heel)

The power sources of the LEDs are not replaceable and cannot be repaired, which is why the lifespan of the LEDs is finite. The life of the LEDs can be significantly affected by the ambient temperature, moisture/humidity, and the intensity of use. (Please take this into consideration when purchasing!)

• It is recommended to be worn between 5°C and -10°C

• Recommended for normal/wide feet

• New stitching technology for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. The 3D stitching of the upper to the outsole reduces the use of glue and chemicals. More durable with less chemicals.

• The shock absorbing comfort insoles reduces stress on children feet at impact with the application of shock absorbing cushions.

• Super flexible, and comfortable. Providing a good grip, and protecting the feet by the reinforced toe cap and heel part. Guarantee the maximum freedom for the feet while wearing.

• The insoles are removable, so they can be cleaned and dried to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the footwear on the inside. The removable insoles are made of leather to ensure natural contact with the foot and enhances the comfort.

• Rubber outsole with toe protection cap. The shape and composition of the outsole make it all in function of grip and flexibility, protection and comfort. Lightweight, durable and non-slip rubber outsoles.

• D.D.Step shoes are recognized for their dedication to producing high-quality children's footwear that prioritizes both comfort and style. With a strong emphasis on ergonomic design and premium materials, D.D.Step offers a diverse collection of shoes suitable for growing feet. Their commitment to providing supportive and fashionable options has made D.D.Step a favored choice among parents looking for reliable footwear for kids.

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Brand D.D.Step
Gender Girl
Color Brown
Footwear upper Leather
Footwear lining Leather
Footwear insole Leather

Size guide D.D.Step '078 collection

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Recommended size 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
Length of the insoles (cm) 16,9 17,6 18,2 18,9 19,6 20,2 20,9 21,5 22,2 22,9 23,6 24,3
Width of the insoles (cm) 6,0 6,2 6,4 6,5 6,6 6,9 7,1 7,3 7,5 7,6 7,7 7,8
The customer's maximum foot length (cm) 16,2 16,9 17,5 18,2 18,9 19,5 20,2 20,8 21,5 22,2 22,9 23,6