Size guide

In general, we recommend not going up or down a size unless stated on the product. The inside measurements on our size guides are included on each product page to help find the perfect fit.

How to measure your foot

Measure the length of your foot while they're standing upright. Be sure to measure both feet, as their left and right foot may be different lengths. Start by standing your child up against a wall with their weight evenly distributed between both feet. Place their heel against the wall and a book on the floor so that it is touching their longest toe. Then measure both feet in centimeters from the heel on the wall to the longest toe against the book.

size guide

To help you choose the best fit, we have separate size guides per shoe here at HelloDeeDee, where you can see what size corresponds to your foot length in centimeters. For example, the size guide for our sandals are different to our boots.

Determine whether the width is appropriate

Many shoes and boots have soles that can be taken out, allowing you to assess whether the width of the shoe or boot is similar to that of your foot. The entire foot should be within the borders of the sole. Keep in mind that the internal measurements are not the same as the external measurements as material, lining and stitching take up space.