Brand story: Ponte20


Children's feet are flexible and resilient thanks to the several developing bones, muscles and ligaments, which makes them possible to meet the challenges of everyday life.

When babies start to take their first steps, their ankles mainly turn inwards. As they toddle, the weight of their body mainly rests in their inner sole. As they are growing, the muscles, tendons and bones of their feet are developing and strengthen.

Strengthening muscles of foot, doing exercises, walking barefoot outdoors, on natural, irritating ground contribute to this progress.

The other essential factor is to wear footwear which is appropriate to their age and their feet. Usually, the vast majority of children do not need special footwear. As they grow, the muscles of their feet are strengthened sufficiently, so they can carry their own weights and body posture error will not occur. Because of that we only recommend the use and wear of Ponte 20 shoes, if it is advised by a doctor, after thorough examination of the child’s feet!

Supinated shoes | Ponte20

However, sometimes we need to help kid's legs to achieve the proper posture, if the muscles and ligaments are not able to keep up with the sudden growth of a kid. It is necessary to wear supinated shoes, if we want to prevent overstrain of the ligament and muscle around the heel and want to avoid the heel to lean inward. The properly shaped supinated children's shoes can support the small feet to keep them in a correct position. The heel part of the supinated shoes are closed, provides solid hold, and is leaned from the inside to the outside.

Supination means, the sole is tilted in order children's bones of heel and shin shall be parallel. Supination is a correction treatment for heel axle deformation of the developing feet of kids.

Thanks to the new technology used by Ponte20 the, the design of our supinated shoes are fashionable, children wear them happily. The 5 mm lifting is built in between the outsole and the insole, making it unnoticeable.

The shape of the toe cap is carefully designed to leave enough room for the toes to move comfortably. All Ponte20 products, the upper and the lining as well, are made from genuine quality leather. The shoes are equipped with interior heel stiffener.

Our supinated shoes offer a solution for those who consider it's important, their children wear healthier shoes, thus contribute to the healthy development of their children's feet.