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Reima Girl Waterproof shoes (REM-23AWG-1102)

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• Waterproof Reimatec winter sneakers for kids and juniors - A membrane inside the shoe makes it waterproof up until the ankle. Designed for active kids

• Vegan and Fluorocarbon-free

• Reima is a renowned Finnish clothing brand specializing in high-quality outdoor apparel for children. With a legacy spanning several decades, Reima has established itself as a trusted name in providing functional and durable clothing designed to withstand the rigors of active play and changing weather. The brand's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and child-centric design has made it a popular choice among parents seeking reliable and comfortable clothing options for their little adventurers.

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Brand Reima
Gender Girl
Color Pink
Footwear upper Fabric
Footwear lining Fabric
Footwear insole Fabric

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Length (cm) 14,8-15,4 15,5-16,1 16,2-16,8 16,2-16,8 17,5-18,1 18,2-18,8 18,9-19,4 19,5-20,1 20,2-20,8 20,9-21,4 21,5-22,1 22,2-22,9 23,0-23,5 23,6-24,2