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Aigle Girl Rubber boots (AIG-23AWG-1001)

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• The boot is made from natural rubber to ensure it is totally waterproof. Not a single pair slips through the cracks: every pair of boots produced is tested for watertightness! The boot is filled with air and then immersed in water. If no bubbles appear, it fulfills its purpose and is ready for you to wear.

• Whether you're out in the city or elsewhere, being seen at night is important, so these boots have been designed to incorporate reflective bands. That means you'll be seen clearly if headlights or the slightest bit of light shines in your direction.

Care instructions

• Wash the boots in clear or mild soapy water after each use (Neutral pH).

• Wipe the boots using a lint-free cloth.

• After cleaning your boots, keep them in the dark in an upright position away from any sources of heat.

• Aigle rubber boots are synonymous with timeless French craftsmanship and functionality. Renowned for their durability and waterproof properties, Aigle boots have been a staple in outdoor and country living for generations. With a blend of tradition and modern design, Aigle continues to offer reliable and stylish rubber boots for individuals seeking protection and comfort in wet and muddy conditions.

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Brand Aigle
Gender Girl
Color Red
Footwear upper Rubber
Footwear lining Polyester,Cotton
Footwear insole Polyester,Cotton

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