Product description item: ECCO | HYDROMAX

• Designed to excel on tough terrain, this modern boot with urban sneaker stylings is both durable and agile and will take you wherever you need to go. Inspired by the always-on-the-go culture of fast-trekking. The rear of the design is weighted with a striking heel cup and a unique collar, resulting in a distinctly modern feel.

• HYDROMAX® is an ECCO developed water resistance technology that keeps your feet dry and your shoe’s leather soft and breathable—even after repeated exposure to harsh conditions and consistent wear.

• As well as helping keep feet dry and comfortable, HYDROMAX® also keeps the upper soft, supple and breathable, preventing it from hardening after repeated exposure to wet conditions.

• Providing superb weather and perspiration resistance, the Hydromax ECCO leather treatment ensures uppers remain soft and supple, even after repeated exposure to wet conditions.

• FLUIDFORM™ is a direct injection process that uses fluid materials to follow our one-of-a-kind anatomical lasts and form the most comfortable base for your shoe.

• A reduced-weight PHORENE™ midsole provides additional shock absorption and ensures the boot remains comfortable, even in sub-zero conditions.