Brand story: Aigle



Since 1853, Aigle made a name for itself with its rubber goods. Innovation runs in the brand’s DNA, with founder, Hiram Hutchinson, being one of the world’s first rubber manufacturers. Aigle’s workshops have been operating in France for over 169 years, with today over 200 partner rubber manufacturers with unique know-how in Ingrandes-sur-Vienne.

Aigle has always had a sustainable approach to fashion. It’s one of the first brands in the sector to be a purpose driven company. The brand’s aim for 2022 is to have 50% of collections made from recycled materials. And by 2030, reduce its carbon footprint by 46%. Aigle inspires all its community to do better, one step at a time.

The brand’s mission is to allow everyone to experience life without leaving footprints other than footsteps. To do so, it focuses on product, people and planet, creating designs that are made to last and working with NGOs and start-ups that wish to have a positive impact.